We have over 30.000 satisfied clients in Dubai and Warsaw every year. 
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  

We have experience working with any type of Hair: Arabic,European, Asian, Slavic, African, Synthetic, etc.

We have over 10 nationalities working in our team!  We're speaking 7 different languages and our team's experience together it's more than 185 years.

Why its so cheap?
First because we have contract with producent of our products Jean Paul Myne Italy, we are buying products from first hand without commission. Secondly during one slot hairdresser can focus on two person and he is not wasting time.
At what time can I use the 500 AED package?
The 500 AED package is valid until 30th June 23:59.
What services are included in the package?
As part of the package, woman can use several services at the same time. For example: full balayage/highlights/one color, vegan thermo repair top up treatment, haircut, blow dry and styling. As part of the package, keratin straightening is not include because we are not able to perform all treatments during one visit, just Keratin its taking 3-4h. 
Why is the price of services so attractive?
The price of the service is so attractive for several reasons. First of all, we use Italian cosmetics, which we are the sole distributor, which means that the purchase price for them is very competitive for us. Secondly, in addition to you in the salon during the service there will also be other women to whom we will perform services.
Which products you are using?
 All our products from are from the highest-level: Jean Paul Myne Italy.

I need to pay before visit?
No, you are just making booking
How long does the procedure take?
Depending on the number of treatments you want us to do, it may take from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. It mostly depends how many hair you have, more hair means longer time for washing, bleaching, making Vegan Thermo Repair Top Up Treatment.

What is the Vegan Thermo Repair Top Up Treatment difference between Keratin?
It's action is an immediate hair "top up" in all respect giving maximum volumizing, reinforcing effect for a sensational brightness and softness. Thermo Reapir Top Up Treatment does not change hair structure like keratin. After the procedure, you can have any hairstyle: straight, curly, wavy hair. Keratin straightening hair.

Where's the Salon?
We have 2 location in Dubai. The first one at Nikki Beach and Spa Dubai, and the seconds one at the H Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd. We're open 7 days a week from 9AM to 9PM. One day before your appointment, we will get in touch to inform which location you should meet your hairdresser. We  will share the location and arrival instructions with videos and all the necessary information.
How long effect lasts?
It depends how you are treating your hair after visit, which kind of products you are using, how many times you are washing your hair. Vegan Thermo Reapir Top Up Treatment 1-2 months, Keratin 4-6 months, coloring depends from colorize.

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